High quality reed roofs across the Europe

Reed pavers ancient crafts have been past down to us as it was done for centuries from generation to generation. We are located in Latvia, by the Pape lake, where reeds grow in the wild – the reeds are ecologicaly clean because they are grown without chemicals.

Reed roofs are not used only for ancient Latvian homes but also elsewhere in Europe and around the world mostly in resort areas used for all types of external bars and gazebos. Especially if you are constructing an ecologicaly clean home particulary if built from logs environmentally clean reed roofs is the best choice for you. For centuries they were used along the Baltic coast and in the Scandinavian countries.

“ECO ROOF” Ltd. has many years of experience. We deck reed roofs in all European Union countries, regardless of the location of customer, either using our own or the customer materials. The work volume has increased and our quality of work, expertise and professionalism is also known around the Europe. We have worked in many European countries, however the last major works were carried out in Lithuania.

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