Thatched reed roofs are very warm, environmentally friendly and clean and will complement any landscape. Thatched reed roof elements can be successfully used as well in interior design, for example, over the bar. Very good solution – reed roofs used as a decorative roofs for canopies, parasols and mobile market stalls. Reeds as a material for roofs are very light, decorative and provide really good insulation. Reed roof will allways make you stand out in surrounding landscape and environment.


Thatched reed roof nowadays has become visually more attractive, serves longer and is fireproof. These three advantages determine the quality of the roof. Fire is the one that concernes most of the customers. However thatched reed roof will not burn if it is applied correctly and does not allow the free flow of air and complies with all fire safety norms especially around the chimneys, barbecues and other places with open flames. It is like if you put a thick book into the fire, it will not burn with a flame.


We have great experience in Latvian market. Interesting projects were carried out in Cesis District “Amatciems” and in many other places we are still taking part to create very unique villages. Very original and interesting work was done in one of the biggest European Aquaparks – “Liv” water park – where we decked reed roofs on ornamental umbrellas as part of the tropical interior. We build new reed roofs and also restore them. Most restoration work was done in Liepaja district.

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